Ibizu… Accessories, jewellery and a lot more, inspired by the breathtaking paradise called Ibiza. Its crystal clear sea, idyllic bays and untouched nature… The Ibiza feeling is unreal. Ibizu is inspired by the ‘Ibicenca’ lifestyle and symbolises the Ibiza feeling!

Handmade with passion

Ibizu was brought to life in 2014 by Roos Oudemans, a jewellery designer from The Netherlands who moved to Spain in 2008. Her passion for creating handmade and unique jewellery and accessories – that she developed at a very young age, and her love for Ibiza are the perfect combination. The first time Roos went to Ibiza, it felt like everything fell into place. The beautiful scenery, the friendly people, the Ibicenca lifestyle (in particular its fashion) and the relaxed atmosphere, appeal to her in a way that is indescribable… The breathtaking island of Ibiza – which is only a short trip away for Roos, serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for ‘Ibizu’. Therefore every piece of jewellery or accessory has a connection to the island. These ‘connections’ are put into ‘themes’, which you can browse through in the online shop. Ibizu stands for:

Hippie/Indie/boho chic style

The use of natural materials that are characteristic for the island such as wood, shells and feathers combined with silver and gold pieces go hand in hand with the hippie / Indie / boho chic style of Ibiza. Naturally, the jewellery and accessories of Ibizu exist mainly of earth, nude and natural tones, but are given a surprising and ‘catchy’ touch by having bright colors (or colored details) added to them.

‘Ibicenca’ lifestyle

The ‘Ibicenca’ lifestyle can be described as casual, romantic, comfortable, charming, that is visibly influenced by hippie movements. Ibizu’s jewellery and accessories are meant for everyone who likes to dress differently than others, or for those just wanting to give their outfit a different touch.

Exclusive: 10 items

Ibizu watches the latest trends on Ibiza closely and therefore keeps expanding. The brand however, differentiates itself from others by presenting a collection containing pieces of jewellery and accessories of which only 10 items are made. When you wear Ibizu, you’ll wear a unique piece of jewellery or accessory. Always.

Unique design

In addition to a wide range of creative, unique and trendy arm, neck, wrist, and ear ‘candy’, Ibizu also has its own unique designed pendants for hats and boots (among others). There’s no need for guys to feel left out; Ibizu also has a men’s collection. And all of this in a boho Ibiza style that reminds you of the clear sea, the freedom and the hidden beauty of Ibiza.

‘Leaf me in Ibiza’

What’s more, every piece of jewellery and accessory is given a cool name (with an ‘Ibicenca’ touch). Think of names for bracelets such as ‘my boho feather’, ‘in a nutshell’, ‘doble dos’ and necklaces that are given names such as ‘leaf me in Ibiza’, ‘feather weather’ and ‘beachy beads’. Also the packaging of both the jewellery and accessories as the entire order, receives much attention. Appealing to give away to someone as a present, but also to give yourself!